OZscap is written by Gary Baker South Australia. The purpose of OZscap is to provide a simple and easy to use application to scan and print documents. The application is not designed to provide the functionality of applications like Xsane. The idea is a quick easy unclutered application for scanning and printing.

Ozscap has been written in a Mandrake 9.0 Kde 3.0 environment using GTK 1.2 and Glade. Sane needs to be installed and working with scanimage for OZscap to work. My system is using scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.8; backend version 1.0.8 and I would hope anything later will work.

The version available for download now is an Alpha version but I think its half reasonable. I intend to add error checking, A help button (thats probably the worst bit I have left out), The ability to drag and drop files onto it for printing and possibly some printer options like draft, normal etc.....

I have an OZcdrdao app almost ready for an alpha release. Its written on the same principle and copies audio and games CD's 1:1. It wont do what lots of the other CD burning programs can do, but it will make it easy to copy an existing CD.

Download OZscap Includes binary rpm is my email address for this project, I will do my best to answer any emails, especially as I dont have any doco yet. Logo